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Luxura X3 Tanning Package

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Luxura X3 Tanning Package

1 Month Tanning! 
Will run from day of package purchase (unless other arrangements made) 

Example: If package is purchased on May 10th your lays will expire on June 10th. 

Also Offering 10 Visit packages.

You will have 10 Visits to use whenever you are ready.  These will have a year expiration.

Example: You buy 10 visits on May 12th. You will have Until May 12th of 2023 to use those visits!

24hr Tanning will be available SOON! 

As of now, tanning sessions available from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturdays. 

-Pro Sun Luxura X3 Tanning Bed

-15 Minute Bed

-Body Cooling Fan

-Facial Tanning bulbs

-MP3 access for MUSIC!

-Ambient Lightflow Bar with color changing lights!

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